Sunday Brunch

I recently got invited by a girlfriend to a Sunday Brunch in downtown Phoenix, AZ. It was at a spot I've never heard of, Breakfast Bitch, so I thought I'd try it out. This girlfriend was one of the few people I've told that I'm taking a permanent break from drinking. She didn't even flinch and went about our conversation. We all truly need more friends like this in our lives. ❤

There were 6 of us ladies, of which I knew 1 personally and 2 by association. Joining in on a new group is not uncommon for me. I make friends easily and am very laid back about plans, so when people are doing things I'm usually down to hangout. We got there around 11 and made introductions while we waited. They are currently taking walk-ins only so there is a wait. After waiting about 15 min, we decided to check out the rooftop bar until our table was ready.

From the Rooftop- This is the first bar I've been to since making my conscious decision regarding drinking alcohol. It lies directly above Breakfast Bitch and you get absolutely stunning 360⁰ views of the city and beyond. There are high rise table and chairs, lounger chairs around a mini pool area (no swimming permitted), and patio seating along the balcony on the other side right next to what looks like a DJ stand. I'd be interested in coming back at sunset to see the gorgeous colors reflect off the water.

I was fully prepared for them to make me something basic, like soda water and lime. But they had Seedlip! I was so excited to find a non-alcoholic alternative at the very first bar! Missy, the bartender, was so attentive with asking questions about my flavor/palate preferences. The first drink she made was a mix of Seedlip, lime and grapefruit juice. It was the perfect mix of sweet vs. tart. Very delicious. The 2nd drink, after brunch was a mix of orange juice, lime juice, guava juice and soda water. Again extremely delicious but quite a bit sweeter than the last. I will definitely be coming back to visit!

Breakfast Bitch- This place is insane with all their energy. They sang happy birthday at least 4 times around us during our visit. We waited roughly an hour and a half to get seated and the line outside did not die down. I would say they are worth the wait. I would go into detail about their food (fantastic) and service (no so much, but they were slammed so it was understood), but this blog is about the alternatives each establishment I visit has. They did not disappoint. Although they didn't have any N/A cocktails listed, they did have an entire area dedicated to different types of hand-crafted teas. I got the Potion D'Amour which is Jasmine Green Tea, Blue Lavender, Hibiscus, Rosehip, and Honey granules. It was very refreshing with a subtle hint of flavor other than green tea. They have 3 others listed on their menu that I will have to come back and try. Did I mention they are a black, female owned and run company? Ya they are badass bitches!

Overall, my Sunday was extremely productive with finding 2 establishments that serve non-alcoholic alternatives! Let the rest of the easter egg hunt commence.

Let me know if you go to either place and what you think!