About Us

The short story:

On November 8, 2021 I decided to take a step back from alcohol and fully start living my life without hangovers or regrets. As I went about my days, continuing to be social, I noticed there were very few options available for non-drinkers. I decided to start a blog, do some research on what was already available out there, and to continue to advocate for those who want something other than soda or water. My mission is to find inclusive establishments that have non-alcoholic alternatives available for everyone. (READ THE FULL BLOG POST HERE!)

*Individuals: Looking for adventure buddies to help change the industry standard. If you want to join me on a day/night out, donate to the cause, or just want to see how the magic happens, please reach out!

*Businesses: If you are interested in being featured, tell us about your establishment, or just want to help with the movement, please reach out!