Monsoon Market

I recently stumbled upon a cute little market that sells non-alcoholic beverages! It's crazy how the universe really wants to guide you to the things you are looking for. They are a couple of Boss Babes that strive to have options for anyone who walks through their doors. Located in midtown area of Phoenix on 7th st and Osborn.

Here are the options they have on their liquor and wine shelf:

  • Tost- a sparkling non-alcoholic wine

  • Figlia- a non-alcoholic aperitivo

  • Ghia- a non-alcoolic aperitivo

  • Monday- a non-alcoholic Gin and Whiskey alcohol alternatives

  • Athletic brewing Co.- non-alcoholic beer in light copper and golden flavors

They also have about 24 other options in their drink cooler, which is just too many to list so go check them out so you can see for yourself! I got the Monday non-alcoholic Gin and Como orange flavored soda to take home. Both options taste fantastic!

Besides beverages, they also partner with several different local vendors and sell their items. I saw soaps, and tasty goodies, dishes, a Matcha kit, coffee, snacks, candles, notebooks and planners, cards, and kitchenware.

Let me know if you go check them out, and tell me what drinks you are trying!