5 (more) Sober Activities (pt. 3)

If you think being sober is boring, I'm here to tell you that it's not! Here are 5 (more) sober activities you can do any day or night of the week. And as an added bonus, you will wake up the next day remembering every second!

Go to an Art Exhibit

Immersion art exhibits are popping up all over the place. These are cool interactive art spaces, sometimes with several rooms of different concepts or topics. One great one I enjoy spending time in is called Wonderspaces located in the Scottsdale Fashion Mall. Teachers, students, healthcare workers, military, and seniors can get a few dollars taken off their ticket price (range from $15-$25). There is a bar that can make any of their drinks as mocktails and you get to keep the jar as a souvenir. They change their exhibits out quarterly, so investing in a season pass is a great choice if you LOVE art like I do and want to check out all the cool things they have to offer on a regular basis. There are about 10 different installations you get to experience and interact with, making it an extremely unique art experience.

Take a Cooking Class

How are you cooking skills? It never hurts to learn a new recipe to impress that special someone. Better yet, take them along to a cooking class and make it a date night. Look up places in your area, pick a theme or dish you are interested in, and have fun. Make sure to compare prices and everything included as some places might have a different "experience" along with their price tag.

Attend a Coffee Social

Many different groups of people have coffee socials. If you are interested in chatting with other sober individuals, the Phoenix might be a good option for you. If you are interested in meeting Sober-Curious individuals, learning about what being sober is about, or just want some information on cutting down on your drinking, then mocktail social club is perfect! We will have our first meeting in April and will either continue them bi-weekly or monthly, depending on turnout. Make sure to check out our calendar for updates!

Try New Fruit

Ever want to experience a new culture without travelling around the world? Bite into something new right from your kitchen. Research the country you are interested in and see what fruits grow there that are different than here. Then find out where you can go get some to try. You will be surprised at how many you can find in a store near you. If you aren't sure how or what to research, check out your local international market or grocery store and browse their fruit isle. Some of the best tasting fruits I've tried were from various countries in Southeast Asia. Happy exploring!

Read a Book

You might be in a place where all you want to do is curl up in bed. Instead of turning on your go-to show, try reading a book. You will be surprised at some of the things you find. A few of my favorite titles are: The happiness Advantage, The Alchemist, This Naked Mind, Half-Magic, and Boundary Boss. There are tons of other titles out there and, depending on what you are interested in, google that interest area and books and you can get lists with hundreds of suggestions. I personally like to switch my reads around to include funny or lighthearted between psychological thrillers, motivational, and personal development.

This is part 3 of a LONG list that will be added to as time goes on. Check back monthly to see more ideas for sober activities! We are also in the midst of adding a calendar of event that you can join and meet other sober curious individuals that enjoy the same things as you. Join Us on our next adventure!